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Many patients travel from all over the United States as well as all over the world to seek out Dr. Surjit Rai for their breast explant procedure. Dr. Rai and his staff try to make the experience as easy as possible for out-of-town patients.

Initial Consultation:

When a patient calls, they will be setup with a virtual consultation through either Facetime or Zoom. Dr. Rai’s office will send out initial paperwork to the patient to gather information for the consultation. The patient will send in some photos so Dr. Rai can evaluate the patient to determine what procedures they might be a candidate for.

Dr. Rai will then call the patient for their consultation and discuss their history and goals of the procedure. Dr. Rai will review the photos and discuss with the patient the best surgical options for them.

After the consultation, the patient will receive a formal quotation for the procedure and will be able to discuss scheduling and financing options. The patient will also be sent a list of local hotels and nursing services available to the patient.

Preoperative appointment (2 weeks prior to surgery):

The patient will be sent all consents and preoperative paperwork to review prior to the procedure. The patient will then pay the surgical fees in full. Dr. Rai will call in the prescriptions to the patient’s local pharmacy.

The Surgery Day:

It is ideal for patients traveling from far away to arrive the day before surgery. This will eliminate any travel related delays that might cause the surgery to be rescheduled. The patient will arrive at the office and the surgery will be performed. The patient will recover and be discharged the same day. Some patients traveling from within Texas elect to return home the same day. Some will stay in town for a night. And still some patients will stay in town for up to a week to allow Dr. Rai to remove their surgical drains.

Follow up Appointments:

If the patient is wanting Dr. Rai to remove their surgical drains, he will see them when the drain amounts are low enough. Some patients elect to go home and have a family member, or a local nurse or physician remove their drains instead. Here is information for removing your own surgical drains.

Dr. Rai will then follow up with the patient 2 weeks after the drains have been removed. If the patient is back home and doesn’t wish to come to Dallas again, Dr. Rai will have the follow up virtually or through a phone call. The patient will send photos for Dr. Rai to review, and Dr. Rai will discuss what to do moving forward during the recovery process. Dr. Rai will then schedule the next follow up appointment with the patient.

As always if the patient has any issues or concerns then can reach Dr. Rai anytime and will be given same day appointments if they wish to come into the office.


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