Why Dr. Rai


  1. Experience in breast explant / capsulectomy / en bloc – Dr Rai has performed over 2000 breast implant removals. He has a lot of experience caring for patients with concerns of Breast Implant Illness. Dr. Rai is currently collecting data from patients to perform research into capsulectomies and BII symptoms
  2. Commitment to performing a complete capsulectomy and when possible en bloc procedure by using a meticulous peeling technique to remove the capsule. Dr. Rai knows how important this is to his patients and will spend the time and care to make sure the procedure is done correctly and safely.
  3. The capsules will be tested by pathology to ensure there are no signs of breast cancer. The capsules can be tested for ALCL as well.
  4. The muscle will be repaired if possible.
  5. The implants will be returned to the patients if they desire.
  6. Photos will be taken of every case of the capsule and implants.
  7. A nerve block will be provided at the time of every surgery. A 72 hour nerve block (Exparel) can be performed as well.
  8. Focus on the best cosmetic result possible by combining the most modern breast lift techniques to repurpose the breast tissue to give the maximum fullness and projection possible. Dr. Rai utilizes the auto augmentation technique to add as much volume as possible to the breast.
  9. Personal Quality Care – At every appointment you will meet with Dr. Rai to discuss your questions and concerns and he will call you the night of surgery and the following day to check in on you. At your initial consultation you will have a full hour of dedicated consultation time to discuss your issues and concerns with Dr. Rai.
  10. Safety – Surgery in a certified facility with a board certified anesthesiologist. Dr. Rai’s operating room is also housed within Medical City Dallas which provides his patients with an extra layer of safety. He has full admitting privileges to Medical City Dallas among other regional hospitals.


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