For some women, the choice to undergo breast augmentation surgery is one they feel happy with for the rest of their lives. For others, there may come a point when they are no longer happy with the results of their breast augmentation and are looking for a change. In these cases, Plastic surgeon and breast explant specialist Dr. Rai can provide you with the surgical care you need.

Breast explant surgery is performed to remove breasts implants for a variety of reasons. One of the common reasons women choose to undergo breast explant surgery is because they no longer desired their current breast implants and wish to either have them removed and replaced with implants of a different size or they wish to have them removed permanently.

Some women may find that their aesthetic goals have changed, and they now want large breast implants. Others may feel that smaller implants may be a better choice for the overall balance of their figure. Breast explant surgery can be performed in these cases

When breast implants are no longer desired at all, the implants can be removed permanently. However, the remaining breast skin may be saggy and there will be a noticeable loss of projection and shape. A breast lift or breast reduction can be performed to address these issues and give the breast a more attractive overall appearance.

If you are interested in breast explant surgery and would like to learn more about the options available to you, contact the Cosmetic Surgical Center today to schedule a consultation for your breast explant surgery in Dallas.