In cases where breast explant with capsulectomy is performed, the patient can choose to also undergo a breast lift. The purpose of combining these two procedures is to ensure the breasts have an attractive and natural-looking shape and appearance following the removal of the breast implant and its surrounding capsule. 

How a Breast Explant with Lift is Performed

The first step of the procedure is the removal of the implant as well as the removal of the capsule of scar tissue from the breast pocket. The next step is a technique known as auto augmentation. This technique involves using the patient’s natural breast tissue to restore lost volume to the breasts and increase projection. The removal of the implant can cause significant drooping. 

Auto augmentation ensures that the breasts have a full appearance and round shape after the implant has been removed. During auto augmentation, the top layer of skin underneath the breasts is removed. The remaining breast tissue underneath the breasts is pushed up under the breasts as a way to add volume. The breast tissue is carefully shaped to ensure it has a natural-looking appearance. 

Breast Reduction and Lift Following Explant Surgery

Patients can also choose to undergo a breast reduction following breast explant surgery. In these cases, a breast lift is always performed along with breast reduction for better overall aesthetic results. One of the benefits of combining breast explant surgery with a breast lift is that the incisions used for the breast reduction procedure are the same as the ones used for a breast lift. This will minimize the appearance of post-surgical marks which will provide better aesthetic results. 

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