A breast lift involves tightening up the skin of the breast around the new smaller breast size. It is done for three main reasons:

1. To lift the nipple in a higher position on the breast
2. To decrease the size of the areolar pigment
3. The tighten up the lower part of the breast

A patient maybe a candidate for a breast lift if they meet some of the above criteria. But the whole breast must be taken to account to determine if the benefits of a breast lift will outweigh the scars of the breast lift.

The breast lift typically involves an anchor lift (or wise pattern) scar. This is a scar that goes around the areola, up and down on the breast and then along the bottom crease of the breast. Since the breast has been stretched due to the implant in two dimensions it needs to be tightened in the vertical and horizontal direction.

When you meet with Dr. Rai he will carefully evaluate your breast to determine if a breast lift will give you an overall cosmetic benefit after your explant procedure.