With any surgery, it is important that you allow your body to properly heal which means that some amount of time will need to be taken for the recovery process. Breast explant surgery involves surgically removing breast implants from the breasts, so incisions will need to be made, anesthesia may need to be administered, and other contributing factors mean you will need to plan to take several days off of work and your normal activities to recuperate.

How Long Will It Take to Recover from My Breast Explant Surgery?

The exact length of the recovery period following breast explant surgery will vary from patient to patient based on the patient’s natural healing rate and other factors. In general, most patients will need to take around one week off from work in order to allow their breasts to recover from the procedure. During this time, the breasts may feel tight, tender, and heavy.

While a lot of your normal activities can be resumed after a week or so, physically demanding activities will need to be avoided for longer. You should refrain from strenuous activities such as exercise, heavy lifting, and running for around three to four weeks. Dr. Rai will also be sure to provide you with post-operative instructions following your breast explant surgery.

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