If you have decided to get your breast implants removed with an explantation procedure and are pairing it with a breast lift, it is crucial to take recovery seriously. Going under the knife is a major decision to make, and it’s important to follow Dr. Rai’s instructions to ensure optimal recovery.

Proper recovery and aftercare are of the utmost importance after surgery, and the techniques you use to recover will play a significant role in how your breasts heal.

As a patient who is about to undergo this combination procedure, it is essential that you know how to take care of yourself. Below is a guide that will teach you about the recovery process so you can minimize downtime after your procedure.

Keep Recovery Easy and Simple

For the first few days after your breast lift with explantation, it is recommended that you make things as easy as possible for yourself. By doing this, you are ensuring that your body has maximum energy to focus on recovering from your procedure.

In certain cases, Dr. Rai may place small tubes in the areas of incision. The purpose of these is to drain excess fluid or blood from your breasts, which helps to avoid hematomas and seromas. Within a couple of days, Dr. Rai will remove these tubes.

Because the sutures used during the procedures are dissolvable, you will not need to have them removed during your follow-up visit.

For the first two weeks, you should avoid high-intensity activities. You don’t want to put any strain on yourself. After surgery, you should not do any bending or heavy lifting. It is important to stay at home, get plenty of rest, and drink ample amounts of fluids.

When it comes to sleeping, make sure you lie on your side or on your back. Sleeping in these positions helps take the pressure off your breasts, which increases the speed and rate at which you recover from your surgery.

Additional Instructions After Your Procedure

After your breast lift with explantation, Dr. Rai will give you a surgical support bra. It is essential that you wear this garment for a minimum of four days, twenty-four hours a day. The next step involves wearing a softer support bra for at least three to four weeks after your procedure.

In certain cases, Dr. Rai may ask you to use silicone gel or tape and apply them to the incisions. These substances increase the rate of healing, which is why it is crucial that you apply them.

You should avoid exposing your breasts to sunlight during your recovery process. If you need to step out of your house for any reason, make sure you apply sunscreen.

It is recommended that you avoid going on long trips for the first few weeks after the procedure. You will also need to make sure that you get up and move every few hours, as staying immobile for long periods of time increases the chance of developing deep vein thrombosis.

Learn More About a Breast Lift with Explantation

Following the instructions above will help speed up the recovery process from your procedure and will allow you to experience the benefits of your breast lift with explantation for several years.

If you are interested in this procedure or have any questions about the recovery process, contact the office of skilled surgeon Dr. Rai for a consultation today.