Drains: Most patients will have drains for 4 or 5 days. Sometimes drains can stay longer depending on the amount of fluid your body is producing. Once the drains are under 30cc for a full 24 hours then they can be removed. If a patient is local the drains will be removed in the office by Dr. Rai. For patients that live a good distance away they may elect to remove their own surgical drains (Dr. Rai will provide an instructional video for that).

Post op medications: Dr. Rai will prescribe you pain medication, and two nausea medications (one to take before the surgery).

Sleeping position: Patients will need to sleep on their back for the first week after surgery. They do not need to sleep upright and can sleep completely flat. After the drains are removed patients can sleep on their sides.

Bra: Patients will be in an ACE wrap until the drains come out and then can go into a front closure sports bra for 2 weeks. After that, they can go into any comfortable bra, and go without a bra at night if they prefer.

Driving: Patients should not drive for 1 week after the operation to make sure their drains are out, they are on no pain medications, and they feel they can be a safe driver.

Activity and Supplements: Patients will have to limit their lifting to 10 lbs for the first 3 weeks. They should restrict range of motion of their arms to their hair level for the same 3 weeks. If a patient is having just an explant, they can resume normal activities (including gym activities) at 4 weeks. If they are having an explant with a lift, they can resume gym activities between 6 – 8 weeks, depending on their healing. Supplements/vitamins that may cause bleeding can be resumed safely 2 weeks after the surgery.

Water: Patients should avoid submerging their surgical incisions under water for 6 weeks after an explant and 8 weeks after an explant with lift. This is to minimize infection risks. This includes baths, hot tubs, pools, and saunas.

Stitches and Scars: All the stitches are dissolvable and under the skin level. They do not need to be removed. Patients can start scar therapy with either vitamin E, topical silicone, or a lotion of their choice at 2 weeks. They will also be instructed on scar massage at this time to help soften and flatten the scar. The scar will continue to lighten in color over the first 12 months.

Follow up appointments: Dr. Rai will see patients for their drain removal around day 5. Then at the 2 week and 4 week post op periods. Follow ups after that will be determined based on the healing of the patient. Follow up appointments can either be done in person, or virtually if the patient lives far from Dallas, and has no issues or concerns that warrant an in person exam.

These are guidelines and will be tailored to the patient during her recovery based on how she is healing.