Top 5 things to know if you are traveling to Dallas for your explant surgery:

  1. Dr. Rai offers virtual consultations for patients that have to travel a long distance. He will review your photos and discuss your case and what to expect during your surgical journey with us as the Cosmetic Surgical Center. Your preop medications can be sent to your local pharmacy.
  2. Dr. Rai’s office will provide you with a list of recommended hotels close to the hospital. Patients are welcome to choose their own accommodations as well.
  3. The surgical drains will stay in place on average 5 days after your explant surgery. Some patients choose to stay in Dallas until the drains are ready to be removed. Other patients choose to go home and come back for drain removal. Some patients have someone close to them that can remove the drains for them. As long as the patient is comfortable any option is available.
  4. For any patients that have to travel a long-distance, Dr. Rai would recommend staying in Dallas at least for the first night. Patients may have someone drive them the next day or fly the next day if they choose.
  5. Patients who cannot come back to Dallas for post op visits can follow up through phone calls or emails to ensure they are healing well and recovering without any concerns. They are always welcome to come back for an in person follow up visit if they can.

Dr. Rai and his staff are very comfortable taking care of patients who have to travel a long distance for their explant surgeries. He has seen patients from all over Texas and the United States for breast implant removal. For more information about Dr. Rai or breast explant surgeries please call the Cosmetic Surgical Center at 972-566-6500 or email at