Many women choose to get breast augmentation to enhance the size of their breasts and improve their body contours. In certain cases, patients are unhappy with their results and opt to have their breast implants removed using a procedure called a breast explant. Often, the implant removal includes a capsulectomy to remove the implant and the scar-tissue capsule that naturally forms around the implant.

People who end up getting breast explant surgery do so for several reasons. These include implant exchange when breasts end up looking too big or too small, addressing capsular contracture, and correcting rotating or shifting implants. Other reasons include treating breast implant illness, infection, and rupture; replacing aged implants; detecting signs of breast cancer; and simply losing interest in having implants.

Improved Breast Health

There are cases when breast implants cause complications, such as infection, breast pain, or capsular contracture. In these cases, removing the breast implants is often a necessary solution.

In capsular contracture, the scar tissue surrounding the implant gets too tight and hard, causing changes in the shape of the implants. This can result in discomfort, stiffness, pain, and changes in the breasts’ appearance. A breast explant can address these breast-augmentation complications effectively.

There is also the risk of breast-implant-associated lymphoma. The chance of developing this condition with implants is very low, but a breast explant can significantly lower the risk even further. If you’re experiencing swelling, lumps, redness, or pain, it’s best to contact our office right away.

Natural-Looking Breasts

If you are no longer satisfied with your breast shape, size, or feel after getting implants, it’s time to get a breast explant. Removing the implants is the first step towards restoring a natural appearance to the breasts. Explants can also be performed with breast lifts to recontour the tissues of the area and created a naturally lifted look.

Correction of Leaks and Ruptures

Breast implants can rupture, causing their filling to leak. Ruptured breast implants can be removed effectively during explant surgery. When Dr. Rai performs en bloc breast implant removal, the goal is to remove the leaking implants without exposing the silicone in the breast pocket.

More Accurate Mammograms

Breast implants can sometimes make it more difficult to detect breast cancer on mammograms. Getting a breast explant means more accurate breast cancer screenings in certain situations.

Arrange a Consultation

Breast explant surgery needs to be performed by expert hands that can remove the implants from the ribs and surrounding muscles. Contact the Cosmetic Surgical Center to arrange your personalized and informative consultation with Dr. Rai, a skilled surgeon with years of experience performing breast explant surgeries.