While breast implants are designed for long-term use, ruptures can happen for a variety of reasons. Implants can rupture as a result of trauma or direct force to the implant. In some cases, wear and tear can take a toll on the implant resulting in a leak or rupture. Whatever the reason, a breast implant rupture is something that should be addressed as soon as possible.

While a rupture can be obvious in some instances, there are many cases where a leak or rupture has occurred but may not be immediately noticeable. With Saline implants, it can be easier to tell that a rupture has occurred since there is a more visible change. When it comes to silicone implants, a rupture may be more difficult to detect.

In some cases, when silicone breast implants rupture the silicone may retain its general shape. In these cases, there are certain indications that a rupture may have occurred other than a visible change in breasts shape. Some women may experience soreness or swelling around the breasts. There may also be a hardening of the breast tissue that can be felt when touched.

If it is believed that an implant rupture has occurred, imaging tests like an ultrasound or MRI can be performed to determine if an implant rupture has happened. From there, breast explant surgery can be performed to remove the rupture breast implant. After this, a new breast plant can be inserted.

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