What to Expect After Your Breast Explant Surgery

At the Cosmetic Surgery Center, we aim to prepare our patients for their breast explant procedure as well as their recovery so they can feel confident about the entire process. When it comes to your recovery, there are a few key things to know that will help you to prepare for the process.  What to […]

What Is Capsular Contracture?

There are potential risks and complications that occur whenever surgery is performed. Some complications may occur regardless of the skill of the surgeon who performed the procedure. With breast augmentation, there is a chance that a patient may experience capsular contracture following the insertion of their breast implants. This issue may be mild in some […]

What Is Breast Explant with Fat Transfer?

Breast explant surgery is performed for a variety of reasons. In some cases, the patient may no longer wish to have breasts implants but still want breasts that have a full and voluminous appearance. Other women may require breast explant surgery to remove the implant along with any capsules as a result of capsular contracture […]

Combining Your Breast Explant with a Breast Lift

In cases where breast explant with capsulectomy is performed, the patient can choose to also undergo a breast lift. The purpose of combining these two procedures is to ensure the breasts have an attractive and natural-looking shape and appearance following the removal of the breast implant and its surrounding capsule.  How a Breast Explant with […]

Top 5 Things to Know if you are Traveling to Dallas for your Explant Surgery

Top 5 things to know if you are traveling to Dallas for your explant surgery: Dr. Rai offers virtual consultations for patients that have to travel a long distance. He will review your photos and discuss your case and what to expect during your surgical journey with us as the Cosmetic Surgical Center. Your preop […]

Breast Contouring using the Auto Augmentation Technique

Breast contouring is the surgical technique of creating an aesthetically pleasing breast shape and size. For patients with more natural breast volume that want to be significantly smaller in size this would involve removing breast tissue at the same time as an explant procedure using a breast reduction. This would be for patients who have […]

Frustrating Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain May Require a Breast Reduction and Implant Removal

A breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures. In this surgery, an implant is inserted to increase the size of the breasts. Many women undergo this procedure to enlarge their breast size. Unfortunately, years after getting a breast augmentation done, some women face problems owing to their large breasts. Some of […]

If You No Longer Want Your Breast Implants, Remove Them with a Breast Explant

Breast explant surgery is a procedure in which breast implants are removed or replaced. There are various reasons why those who have undergone breast augmentation surgery may opt for a breast explant procedure. Patients may choose to remove their implants because they no longer like the augmented look, they have a problem with their implants […]

Recovery After a Breast Lift with Explantation

If you have decided to get your breast implants removed with an explantation procedure and are pairing it with a breast lift, it is crucial to take recovery seriously. Going under the knife is a major decision to make, and it’s important to follow Dr. Rai’s instructions to ensure optimal recovery. Proper recovery and aftercare […]

Recovery and Healing After Breast Explantation

Breast explantation, or breast implant removal surgery, reverses the results of breast augmentation. Through this procedure, we can remove your implants safely in order to restore your breasts to their previous size. Why Do Women Come In for Breast Explantation? There are many reasons why you may require explantation, including: • Capsular contraction • Breast […]


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